Madrasah Tul Madina

Vision & Mission

MTM Learners

 Aims and Objectives:

 The organisation’s main objective is :

  • To secure ground and to erect a building.
  • To conduct Islamic religious instruction.
  • To create a socially, morally, educationally and spiritually stable Muslim Youth

Secondary Aims  and  Objectives:

  •  To secure for the Muslims of the area a sound Islamic education.
  • To instill the desire for Quraan and Sunnah with  knowledge and action.
  • To mould the youth with a distinctive Islamic character.
  • The instill pride without arrogance in their Islamic culture.
  • To co-operate with other educational institutions having the same aims and objectives.

Vision Statement:

The main focus of this organisation(Madrasah Tul  Madina,  hereinafter referred to as MTM) is :

  • Madrasah Development
  • Madrasah Teachers Development
  • Youth Islamic Development
  • Printing of Islamic newsletters for Muslim High School learners
  • Madrasah Development
  • Teachers Development
  • Youth Development
i.Making the classroom environment more conducive to effective teaching.

ii.Raising the level of teaching/education

iii.Making madrasah inspiring , colorful and exciting and  relevant to the development of all Muslims and humanity.

iv. Improve infrastructure and capacity building.

v.Madrasah of the Year Award.

i.Continuous in-services training.

ii.Better the incentives for teachers so that educational results are better.

iii.Raise the commitment, drive, passion and creative level of teachers.

iv.Madrasah Teacher of the Year award. Madrasah of the Year Award. Lifetime Award.

v.Funding further studies for teachers.

i.Government High school visits.

ii.Career Expo

iii.Islamic youth camps.

iv.Islamic inter high school quiz competitions