Madrasah Tul Madina

TAMAT- Celebrating the Achievements of our Youth

On 28 th April 2019 , Madrasah Tul Madina will have its Annual Tamat Ceremony at Glendale High School , Rocklands , Mitchells Plain to celebrate the achievements of our Madrasah learners .Inshallah. The learners who have completed the Yassarnal Quraan and learners who have completed Ajzaa or Surahs of the Holy Quraan who will be awarded with special certificates and rewarded with gifts. It will be proud moments for learners , their parents and their teachers. Inshallah.This event will include an eat and treat to defray some of our expenses for a small donation. MTM Learners will display their knowledge on different subjects and will perform speeches, poems and nasheeds. tickets are available from the madrasah. Contact : 021 376 2827 , 083 948 5436 , 081 803 8538 or email:






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