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The main focus of this project is to raise the level of madrasah education. It is an arduous task but yet a very important undertaking. The benefits are manifold:

1)The madrasah retention rate will be longer.

2) Learners attendance will improve.

3) Make the classroom environment more educationally friendly.

4) Make teaching more applicable to the youth ,in other words deal with issues facing the youth on a daily basis.

5) Making use of modern educational tools in the classroom.

6) Making the madrasah more interesting and intellectually challenging for the high school, college and university students. `

7) Assignments, projects, discussions and workshops must be part of the madrasah curriculum.

If the madrasah education and training are effective , we will have less drug addicts and less teenage pregnancies. Coming to madrasah must be the most enjoying , creative , fruitful and effective activity of the day for the learner especially a  teenager. The madrasah must be the centre of activity of the community. Islamic learning must be a lifelong process. A complete overhaul of the madrasah system is needed.



Madrasah Tul Madina Lessons Framework

Our Madrasah has written and published a number of Islamic studies textbooks for our young learners. Our program is divided in three major phases, Foundation , Intermediate and Advanced. The foundation phase has its own textbook (My Beautiful Deen , Book 1, see photo) accompanied by a workbook and so do the other two phases (Books 1 +2), also with workbooks.The books caters to the 6-7 year olds uptil  16-18 years old.Adults will also benefit from these textbooks. These books are colorful and well laid out. Regarding the subject-matters each book is divided in 3 sections

  1. Fiqh – The Fundamental Practices of Islam
  2. Tauheed- The Belief Structure in Islam
  3. Aglaaq and Adab- Morals , Virtues and Spiritual Aspects

Each section is followed by Revision Questions which we strongly advise the parents  do with the child. The workbooks reinforce the subject matter in a fun way using various puzzles, word search etc. Teachers manuals to assist in methodological teaching are being prepared.

Bi- annual assessments are held, as well as short monthly revision tests. Writing and publishing of  Various color-in Books, Arabic books for all phases, Life of the Prophet(saw), Local Muslim History and many others have been planned for the new year (2020)) Inshallah.

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