Madrasah Tul Madina

Nasheed Competition 2018

Madrasah tul Madina will be having a Nasheed Competition on Saturday , 11 August 2018 at Portlands Indoor Sport Center , Portlands , Mitchells Plain.  The competition is open for Madaris and Nasheed Groups which will be judged separately. Madaris especially may still enter. All nasheed groups and  madaris who enter the competition will be given 50 tickets to sell and a percentage of  40% of the ticket NASHEED COMPETITION monies will be given to the group/madrasah.

Tickets are available at R100 each. Do support our Madaris and Nasheed Groups. Contact phone numbers on Poster.

Nasheed Groups confirmed to participate:

1.Ighwatul Islaam – Hanover Park – established  in March 2018

2. Amr Youth -Portlands – established  in 2017

3. TLC -Hyde Park

4. Zahra Tul Madina -Mitchells Plain

5.Ahbaabul Mustafa -established in March 2018

6.Sautur Rayhaan- established in 2013

7.An Nujoom -Bridgetown -established in 2014

8.Aswaatul Quloob-established  in 2015

9. Aswaatul Islaam-


A meeting will be held for the Ameers of the Nasheed Groups on Sat, 14 July 2018 at 1:30pm at Madrasah tul Madina premises, Inshallah.

Click on here : NASHEED COMPETITION to download the nasheed rules.