Madrasah Tul Madina

Nasheed Competition 2018 update

Update:  A Big Shukran for the Nasheed Groups who attended the meeting on Saturday afternoon , 14 April 2018 at the MTM premises. 

Confirmed Participant Nasheed Groups.

Hereunder are the Nasheed groups who will take part.

Tickets are available at R100 each. Do support our Madaris and Nasheed Groups.

Contact phone numbers on Poster.

There is still place for Madrasahs to join up with us on 11 August 2018 at the Nasheed Competition. We have a vision to create a platform for Madrasahs to display their talent and to develop their talent further. our aim is to encourage madaris to institute Nasheeds/ Qaseedas as part of their Curriculum. Expressing through melody and harmony their love for Allah, the Messenger (saw) and Deen does wonders for our Youth and will occupy their minds with pure and good messages instead of the ‘music ‘ today which is often immoral and disrespectful in its lyrics and a sound which dangerously only bring the baser instincts to the fore. In our experience at MTM we had positive changes in our Learners because of the Nasheeds and Qaseedas  whereby they really do enjoy themselves in a calm but ecstatic manner for half an hour. We call on madrasahs to introduce our Youth to the Beauty of expressions of our Muslim heritage here in Cape Town especially.

Participating Madrasahs

Zahra Tul Madina, Mitchells Plain


Ighwatul Madina