Madrasah Tul Madina

Meeting with Madrasatun Nisaa Lil Ilm from Delft

Madrasah tul Madina is continuously having meetings with various madaris for the general upliftment of madrasah education , madrasah teachers  and organisational capacity.

A fruitful meeting was held on Wednesday, 25 July 2018 at Madrasah Tul Madina premises between Madrasatun  Nisaa Lil Ilm and Madrasah tul Madina. Madrasatun  Nisaa Lil Ilm from Eindhoven , Delft was seeking consultation on how to enhance their organisational capacity building including legal compliance as NGO and producing effective programs for youth.Among other matters. The meeting expressed concern on the general state of Islamic education in our communities. The meeting further expressed concern that often madrasah teachers find themselves constraint by unnecessary  interference from non- teachers in the classroom which does lead to valuable time wasted. The meeting concluded that madrasah  teachers sees themselves as not only teachers but caregivers, guides, mentors and friends to youth and these roles are often stunted in their creativity and their bonding with youth nowadays. Also that mothers and daughters both should be at the forefront of personal, familial and social /community development.

Madrasah Lil Nisaa (right) with from right Muallima Najmoenisa Benjamin,  Muallima Soraya Johnson ,Muallima Soraya Payne and Muallima Maryam Jabaar with Madrasah tul Madina executive.