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Madrasah Teachers Workshop 2019 No:1

MTM had its first Madrasah Teachers Workshop for 2019 on Monday, 11 February 2019 at the Masjid Rawbie Hall.  it was attended by over 120 madrasah teachers from all over Cape Town. We had an interesting morning of motivating presentations by the various speakers. The theme was Raising the Standard of Madrasah Education’. After a delicious breakfast , proceedings started with Sh. Muhammad Kamalie presiding as MC for the day giving the introductory remarks to open the workshop. Sh Muhammad Az Zabalawiy recited Quran and made Duaa. Our first speaker was Sh Allie Khalfe who spoke on the Qualities of the madrasah teacher followed. by Sh. Sadullah Khan who gave a passionate speech on the learner-teacher relationship and making the madrasah an Oasis of learning in a challenging environment such as ours. the following was Shaykh Hafiz Ismail Londt who gave an interesting talk on the importance of correct pronunciation of the Arabic Letters as a step towards reading the Quraan correctly. Each talk was followed by short Question and Answers. After a short break a talk on effective use of social media was given by Br Ebrahim Ismail and o the changing face of technologies (4th Industrial revolution) by Br Hasanain Abdullah. Sh . Abduragmaan May (Principal of MTM) rounded off proceeding with his talk on Importance of Planning and Fundraising for Madaris. All in all an exciting and well planned morning. We believe a seed has been planted in the resurrection of our madrasah systems and with the sincere intentions of Muallims and those who can support we will reach further heights in the near future , Inshallah.

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