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Madrasah Teachers Conference: 23 March 2019


Madrasah Tul Madina’s 3rd Annual Madrasah Teachers Conference will be held on Saturday, 23 March 2019 at Portlands High School Hall, Portlands , Mitchells Plain. The previous conferences were held at Islamia College , Lansdowne and Glendale High School n 2017 and 2018 respectively . These conferences has provided a much needed platform for madrassah teachers and teachers of Islamic studies to discuss their roles, to provide fresh impetus to the taleem and tarbiyya of Deen . The response has been phenomenal and we have seen an interest grow among educationists and teachers across the religious and WCED schools spectrum. Also attendance has grown and we have seen a growth in workshops where madaris share skills , resources and knowledge. The overriding concern is how can we raise the standards of madrasah education .  the resolutions taken at the first conference in 2017 is still the vision and mission we work towards realising. This year we are expecting more than 250 teachers to attend . The response from teachers  thus far has been very well. Alhamdullilah. Some of the confirmed presenters at the conference this year will be Mr Ismail Teladia, well known educationist, WECD consultant, Sr Lemeze Gasant WCED school psychologist, Sh Igsaan Davids, renowned Ustaadh of Qiraat of the Holy Quraan , Mr Mansoor Lagkar , Director of YSRP programs , Department of Community Safety , Western Cape Government. Topics  around education from  various angles will be discussed.

To attend the conference madrasah teachers and teachers of Islamic Schools can contact us via phone or WhatsApp on

021 376 2827, 083 948 5436,  081 803 8538. Give your name and madrasah #madrasah conference 2019. 


for more info visit our facebook page at madrasah tul madina Reg NPO 

visit us at 99 Korfbal Street, Beacon Valley, MP


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