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Madrasah Teachers Awards 2018

Alhamdullilaah , Sunday 4 November 2018 was another successful event for MTM and madrasah teachers all over Cape Town. More than 250 teachers were present for the 2nd Madrasah Teachers Awards Event 2018. Proceedings started at 11:15am with opening Qiraat by Hafiz Mubashir Kamaldien and Ustaadh Mohamed Al Sayed and Duaa by Sh. Abdurazak Colbie. After an official welcome by Ml. Muhammad Kamalie proceedings continued with Mr Farid Sayed , editor Muslim Views as Master of ceremonies who gave some historical background on the dynamic nature of the madrasah of our pioneers like Tuan Guru (Imam Abdul Kadi Abdus Salaam ) and the amazing fact that the Imam’s madrasah had more students than even University of Cape Town at the time and that it included subjects such as Maths!!

Other Honorary guests present were Sh.Abubakr Gabriels , Imam of Woodlands  Masjid , Mitchells Plain , Shaykh Ismail Gqamane , Madrasah Murtaza and the SANZAF team .

Short speeches were delivered by the two Shaykhs Ismail and Abubakr. Emotional scenes were witnessed with  the awarding of award shields for categories of Madrasah of the year 2018, Madrasah teacher of the Year 2018 and Lifetime Teaching Award 2018.  Also gifts and certificates were given to madrasah teachers in appreciation of their hard work in our communities. Shukran to those communities who also gave gifts to their teachers.

The event closed with vote of thanks by Shaykh Abduragmaan May (Principal of MTM)  and  a tasty lunch. Shukran to MTM, SANZAF and all sponsors and all who assisted in making this event successful. Inshallah with your help we will keep this event up every year. Shukran

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