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Madrasah Teacher Training Course (A Pilot Project)


Course will present fresh ideas and approaches.  

(by Ml. Muhammad Kamalie)


Madrasah Tul Madina (MTM) in Mitchells Plain is embarking on a visionary and groundbreaking initiative. The Madrasah Teachers Training Course (M.T.T.C) is a one -month course starting from the 5th August until 29 th August 2019, at MTM premises daily from Monday to Thursday, 8:30am till 12:30 daily.This will be a pilot project aimed at training madrasah teachers in essential skills needed to navigate the difficult situation and conditions prevalent in our madaris . Why should we care about ‘another’ madrasah teacher training course? This course will present fresh ideas and approaches , trying to bring the madrasah teacher to play a respected central role once again at the very grassroots in our communities and to provide a new opportunity for teachers, educators , ulama and professionals to collectively create a vibrant madrasah system.Its not about which syllabi you follow and the course do not indulge in that.

Furthermore, Our madrasahs, our madrasah teachers and our youth are negatively impacted by rising negative social challenges such as crime, unemployment, poverty and an aimless education system. Our concern is that madaris has seen a drop in over the last 20 years (maybe more)of high school going teenagers and youth generally attending madrasah. This resulted in our youth lacking in knowledge in the basic islamic teachings and being sucked in by social ills such as drugs, gangsterism etc. Many high school students are expected by parents and society to make time to study hard, which is to be understood, but often at the expense of making time for teaching and training them in the values and teachings of Islam. Many madaris has been reduced to only basic reading skills of Surat and Quraan but very little meaningful islamic teaching which can grip the young and growing minds.It is sad how far we have fallen from the type of madrasah model of Tuan Guru, may Allah be pleased with him, centuries ago where valued skills of reading , writing and arithmetic were taught , where at one time it had a larger amount of students than established higher educational institutions and where this madrasah were discussed in the corridors of british colonial power at the Cape. A few factors contribute to this present sorry situation: demoralised economically and skill starved madrasah teachers, uncaring parents who often only sent their children to madrasah when their is a crises with their son or daughter affecting the family or parents who do not pay the R50 madrasah fees but do go all out for the needs of the secular school, lack of leadership in our community as far as madaris and madrasah teachers are concerned, the challenges of extreme liberal ideas on our mindset and absence of awareness and understanding of The Unseen in our psyche, especially our youth and young adults.Besides a frightening murtad rate amongst muslim youth we have proportionately the largest hiv- aids and teen pregnancies rates on the Cape Flats and other areas.

Madrasah Tul Madina is under no illusion as to the enormity of a task which saw a decline over decades. It is for these reasons that MTM got experienced facilitators on board for this project. Some of the courses offered freely are Creative Classroom Skills, Fundraising For Madaris, Youth Psychology, Cape Muslim History, Media , Organisational Capacity Building and Entrepreneurship besides tips on how to teach and train youth in the sciences of Quraan and Islam. The course aims to develop madrasah teachers who are knowledgeable and social activists, effective in dealing with youth, keep himself or herself motivated and dedicated and continuously learning and upskilling themselves.Daily and end-course evaluation will be done by everyone involved.

Interested madrasah teachers and novice madrasah teachers may apply before 5th August 2019 or any concerned educators, professionals , business people and donors to simply contact us to see how you can contribute to its development.

Who is going to take up this challenge to raise the last grassroots bastion of Islamic expression in communities if not madrasah teachers together with parents ?. A strong tree can only be strong with firm, strong roots.Our very survival in our communities depends what legacy we leave for our youth tomorrow. For Muslims ,Bismillah is the first step of all good things so most times, the way does not seems clear, but you want to start anyway. It is in starting with the first step that other steps become clearer.Fellow madrasah teachers,“You don’t have to be good to start … you just have to start to be good!.


Contact : 021 376 2827 or 083 948 5436 for further information. Email: .

Address: 99 Korfbal Street, Beacon Valley , Mitchells Plain.


 (Muhammad Kamalie is Senior Teacher and Head of Curriculum Development and Research at Madrasah Tul Madina(MTM) )








  1. Assalamualaikum/ want to become a madrassah teacher n do daawah pls/do yourl have any courses

  2. Assalamu Alaykum Mrs Badat.

    Shukran for your correspondence. We will have our teachers training course from 5 – 27 August 2020. You are welcome to join.

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