Madrasah Tul Madina

Madina Hifz School : 1st Anniversary


MADINA HIFZ SCHOOL is celebrating its 1ST  ANNIVERSARY on Sunday , 30 September 2018.

Come join us for Duaa, Thikr and Lunch , Inshallah from 10:30am onwards. See poster for details.

It has been a year since its establishment (on 1st October 2017) and the Hifz school has grown from 4  learners to over 13 full time learners and 22 part time learners. Alhamdullilaah. The intensive and well planned Tahfeedh Al Quraan program has produced the fruits. Our full and part time learners are able to benefit from the able tutorship of Shaykh Mohammed Said , An Egyptian Graduate from Al Azhar, who also teach them Arabic Language and also the dedicated work in Fiqh of Moulana Abdurazak Colbie. The guidance of Madrasah tul Madina’s principal Shaykh Abduragmaan May is invaluable. Both Shaykh May and Moulana Muhammad Kamalie have also gave short courses to our full time learners in Career guidance , English reading and writing and Basics Hands -on Computer Studies.These courses will continue in the coming new year, Inshallah. The learners are learning invaluable skills besides their Tahfeedh of Quraan.

A highlight for our Hifz School was the leading of Taraweeh prayers in Ramadaan by our young Huffaadh. It is important for the leadership and teachers to provide this platform for practical training to our learners.

May MADINA HIFZ SCHOOL go from strength to strength, Ameen .

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