Madrasah Tul Madina

Islamic Youth Quiz 2018

MTM Islamic Youth Quiz will take place onĀ  Sunday ,14 October 2018 and Saturday , 27 October 2018.

The earlier date (Sunday ,14 October 2018) for the Seniors section and (Saturday , 27 October 2018) for the Juniors section , Inshallah.

Contact us if your Madrasah wish to enter the Islamic Youth Quiz . See poster for details.

The Youth Islamic Quiz is annually organized by MTM with participation by various other Madaris . This is proving to be a very educative one day program. Learners prepare months before thereby eagerly gaining knowledge of the Deen in preparing for the Quiz.

Even parents are excited for this day. We hereby also measure the amount of Ilmu-Deen gained. Usually over 15 madaris partakes every year.


Quiz Rules