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Islamic Youth Camp 2018 -Update

Our  Islamic Youth Camp 2018 was a tremendous success. From Friday 31 st August till Sunday 2nd September 2018, more than  122 youth from various madaris ,high and primary schools had fun and learning. Youth from as far as Delft came.

The camp themes of Connection to Allah, The Diversity of the Ummah and Tawakkul in Allah was the focus of the camp with all activities and speeches organized around the 5 daily prayers with individual and collective contemplation and duaas after the Waqt of Solaah.

The evenings were full of Qaseedas/Nasheeds and game activities. On Friday evening ,The Imaam of the Jumah mosque in Cape Town, Shaykh Riyaad Rinquest, set the tone for the rest of the camp with Youth Repeating their commitment to Never ever trade my Faith for a small miserable price‘.

The food was delicious with the braai being the highlight. Shukran to our sponsors , SANZAF and others who contributed financially. Shukran to the speakers , Ml. Lakay, Imaam in Manenberg,  Sh. Riyaad Rinquest , Imaam and Khateeb at Jumua Mosque in Cape Town, Sidi Karim Al Maliki from Russia and other international students, Muallima Masnoena Kamalie from IPSA, Sr Magboeba Davids and Sr Fadwa, Mr Yusuf Kamaldien and all our teachers ,facilitators and supervisors.

The Islamic Youth camp has definitely become a very important activity amongst MTM’s projects. The long term positive impact of the camp cannot be underestimated in terms of the healthy development (Tarbiyya) of our youth socially , spiritually , educationally and physically.





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