Madrasah Tul Madina:

Islamic Studies Program

Our Madrasah has written and published a number of Islamic studies textbooks for our young learners. Our program is divided in three major phases, Foundation , Intermediate and Advanced. The foundation phase has its own textbook (My Beautiful Deen , Book 1, see photo) accompanied by a workbook and so do the other two phases (Books 1 +2), also with workbooks.The books caters to the 6-7 year olds uptil  16-18 years old.Adults will also benefit from these textbooks. These books are colorful and well laid out. Each Textbook together with Workbook cost R85. Regarding the subject-matters each book is divided in 3 sections

  1. Fiqh – The Fundamental Practices of Islam
  2. Tauheed- The Belief Structure in Islam
  3. Aglaaq and Adab- Morals , Virtues and Spiritual Aspects

Each section is followed by Revision Questions which we strongly advise the parents  do with the child. The workbooks reinforce the subject matter in a fun way using various puzzles, wordsearch etc. Teachers manuals to assist in methodological teaching are being prepared.

Bi- annual assessments are held, as well as short monthly revision tests. Writing and publishing of  Various color-in Books, Arabic books for all phases, Life of the Prophet(saw), Local Muslim History and many others have been planned for the new year (2014). Inshallah.