Madrasah Tul Madina

BREAKING NEWS !! International Nasheed Munshids for our Nasheed Competition

BREAKING NEWS !! Alhamdullilaah our Nasheed Competition on Saturday, 11 August 2018 will be honored with the presence of Guests International Munshids (Masters of  Nasheed and Qaseedah renditions) besides our local Nasheed Groups. It promises to be  an exciting afternoon of expressing love for Allah (SWT) and our Nabi Muhammad (SAW) and our Deen.

Book your seat as soon as possible!!. Tickets available at R100 . Contact : Muallimah Adela – 074 180 5019 or Sh Abduragmaan May 083 948 5436 or Ml. Muhammad Kamalie  081 803 8538 or Muallima Fairuz May  060 419 3254 , Office 021 376 2827 (9am -1:00pm) + (after Maghrib – 9pm).

1. Munshid Sidi Abdul Fettah Mouttaqi from Morocco

A well known munshid singing in the Moroccan style. Sang Nasheed and Qaseeda in front of King Mohammed IV of Morocco.

2. Munshid Ahmed Mestawy  from Egypt