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Imam Haroon Shaheed -High School Quiz

On the 50th year of the martyrdom of Ash Shaheed Imam Abdullah Haron by the apartheid regime, Madrasah Tul Madina  has been invited by the Imam Haron Commemoration Committee to be part of their Imam Haron High School Quiz. Other schools are Norman Henshilwood , Trafalgar High amongst others. This will be held on Sunday,Youth Day 16 June 2019 at the Alexander Sinton High School Hall in Crawford.

We wish our students success in the Quiz and more importantly we wish for them to carry on the knowledge gained to their peers and generation and learned the lessons from the martyr ‘s life , his love for justice for all and his dawah activism and zeal in spreading the message of Islam to the downtrodden masses at a time when it was unpopular and dangerous to do so.Our message to our Youth- Know your PAST in order to know your FUTURE.!!

our  students attended a gathering in front of the infamous Caledon Square where Imam Haron was arrested. They  also attended a seminar on the commemoration of the Imam’s martyrdom and afterwards visted the Imam’s gravesite to make Duaa.

here are some pics-


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