Madrasah Tul Madina

Final Parents Meeting Update

Posted on 6 August 2018

The Final Parents Meeting was a success with more than 53 parents in attendance on Saturday afternoon at the MTM premises. The meeting focused on a crucial aspect of our  children’s madrasah education i:e THE ROLE OF THE PARENT IN ADVANCING THE HOLISTIC ISLAMIC DEVELOPMENT OF OUR CHILDREN. The recurring appeal to parents was that a mind set change needs to be effected amongst our parents since it is recognized that no effective Islamic education can take place without the input of parents.

MTM were particularly satisfied with the large amount of fathers in attendance, Alhamdullilah. it is becoming clear to many parents that their children are progressing at MTM and that they step by step are beginning to realise the role they have to play in  our Cape Flats community ravaged by social ills ,   where Islamic values and education are sorely needed.


posted 23 July 2018

The Final Parents Meeting will be held on Saturday, 4th August 2018 at the madrasah premises. All parents must attend . madrasah children’s Progress report and challenges, future and remaining activities & programs will be discussed. Parents will be able to have a one on one meet with their child’s teacher.