Madrasah Tul Madina

About Us

Establishment of our Madrasah

Madrasah –Tul- Madina NPO No: 159-185  (MTM) was established in 2013  after a number of Muslim Educators Workshops were held at different Venues in Mitchells Plain.

We have had many prominent scholars and professionals facilitators and speakers at these workshops. The burning question was How can Madrasahs improve through co-operation , How can we attract more high School learners to Madrasah and How can we raise the standard of Madrasah Education.

Its founders were Ustaadh Abduragmaan May, Muallima Fairuz May, Haj Adnaan Jacobs, Sh Ismail Moses, Moulana Nazeem Jongie and Moulana Muhammad Kamalie. In January 2013, we decided to start madrasah classes on a Saturday & a Sunday morning.Our classes are designed to cater for students of all levels of Quraan reading and an intensive Islamic Studies Program, comprising basic to advanced Fiqh, Touheed and Ihsaan (Spiritual and Moral studies). Spoken and Written Quranic Arabic and Seerah of the Prophet(saw) are also offered.

Our Philosophy

Teaching the Sources of Islam to our present and future generations with emphasis on Quranic knowledge,emphasizing it as a guide to every aspect of their lives. The Seerah of the Prophet(saw) especially the relevance of the Madina period is taught.Our emphasis is on Tarbiyya (How we make the teachings and lessons practical and relevant to young lives) All this is done with the use of all available modern technological and methodological means and methods.


Madrasah Tul Madina (MTM) does extensive Dawah work at High Schools  engaging with Muslim Youth, inviting them to attend a Madrasah and creating awareness on the importance of both secular and religious education within the concept of ILM in Islam. We also distribute English, Afrikaans and Xhosa translation Quraan Mushafs . We fortunately have a good rapport with various principals and schools. As a result many Youth who would otherwise not be in a madrasah is now attending madrasah. Madrasah tul Madina also have various programs such a the Annual Mawlid and Islamic Quiz for High and Primary Schools and Madaris as well as Youth Camps and Educational Outings.


Milestones in our History

2012 – Wrote and Published own Madrasah Textbooks

 2013 -Founded by Ustaadh Abduragmaan May and others. Named Madrasah Tul Madina

2013 – Acquired own premises at , 99 Korfbal Street,  Beacon Valley in Mitchells Plain.

2018 – Acquired donation of Madrasah vehicle