Madrasah Tul Madina


 Cape Madaaris Conference -5th August 2017

The Cape Madaaris Conference was a tremendous success. The conference was organized by Madrasah Tul Madina and hosted by Islamia College , Lansdowne.More than 260 Muallims and Muallimaat , Teachers and principals attended the one -day conference.The presentations by the speakers were relevant and timely for teachers. The Conference theme was ‘Effective teamwork for Efficient teaching’ .

Why was Such A Conference Important

Madrasah education is fast becoming an extinct aspect of Muslim upbringing. Many Muslim parents don’t see and realize the importance of madrasah education. In the hierachy of importance for the parents it occupies 4 or 5 place. First place secular schooling – assignments, school projects, extra tuition. Second place sports. Third place – family functions, community events, cultural events.

We want to bring the importance of MADRASAH EDUCATION again to the fore. Our children, especially high school students are struggling to keep their Islamic identity.

On the other hand we want to raise the standard of madrasah education, enhance the classroom environment and improve the organizational capability and infrastructure.


MTM Conference organizers with main speaker Shaykh Sadullah Khan (CEO Islamia College) in the middle. Speakers seated (left to right) MC Mr Taj Akleker, Prof Aslam Fataar, Prof Ebrahim Arnold

A View in the Auditorium


‘This event was very helpful. I agree that an institution for teaching will be a great idea to help muallims and mualimahs . I will definitely be interested in attending the teaching classes’
Tasneem Osman –Madrasah tun Nur
I hope we come up with a well structured madrasah system.
Mukmina Sampson
Would like ½ hour workshops. Need talks on paper.
Majida Davids –Rhoda tul Atfaal
Facilitate the training of madrasah teachers. Madrasahs to include students of other faiths . Include heroes of Islam in madrasah syllabus
Sedick Philander  – Darul Islaam Primary
More educational psychology
Naeema Philander
Madrasah teachers should use the WCED lo books and prepare lessons around it.Connect it to the Deen.
Fahimah Arnold – Madrasah Atlantis
Should be held twice a year
Gayronesa Sydow
Move on and lets sit on the Madrasah plan 2020!
Kariema Samaai –Atlantis
Need to involve parents.
Zogra Smit
English script should be changed to Arabic script
Ml. Riyaad Titus
We need a Baitul Maal whereby teachers and Imaams will be paid .Each family should contribute to the pool.
Mog. Rashaad Benting
We would like to observe your class and program
Mariam Gierdien –Belhar
Would like more info on MTM activities and updates
Faiza Lottering