Madrasah Tul Madina:

Academics Tutoring

Our Academic Tutoring program (in November annually) aims to assist learners and parents in our communities to better their academic and literacy studies at school, university or college especially exam times.  Our emphasis is especially on reading and writing skills, science and maths (both pure maths and literacy).

We believe that our learners will fare also personally, besides academically, well if they grasp the relevance of Secular school subjects to their lives as Muslims and religious and spiritual human beings and connecting these to the miraculous Quraan, and observing the universe and creation around them as the ‘Expansive clear visible Book of the Creation’

Tuition is for both Muslims and Non-muslim learners at our premises keeping in mind Islamic values and proper respectful decorum and behaviour.

We also wish to encourage respectful  co-existence and respectful dialogue between all our learners.