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A Successful Madrasah Teacher Training Course

Assisting madrasah teachers in our community to continuously upgrade themselves is imperative to the aims of raising standards in our madrasahs. It is vital for our Muslim community to ensure Islamic teachings are inherited by our future generations.

The one -month long Madrasah Teachers Training Course by Madrasah Tul Madina was a great success. Held from 5 -29 August 2019 it was an educational training of high standard for the trainers of our young Muslim generations. More than 50 teachers attended the course daily from Mondays to Thursdays. They came from more than 30 areas on the Cape flats and townships and afar as Atlantis.

Emphasis was placed on the importance of motivating learners, being in tune with their situations and ensuring that learning takes place in a happy environment. Throughout the month it was realised by madrasah teachers that to enjoy success in their madaris , teachers need to develop the ability to  adapt to new situations. They will have to upgrade their methods, their outreach and approach to our youth and communities’ conditions and needs.

The course started on the first day with an honest introspective evaluation in groups on why each one was a madrasah teacher, what were their main concerns and what their aspirations were. It opened up teachers to express themselves meaningfully and laid the ground for the rest of the course.

Madrasah Tul Madina and madrasah teachers were surely blessed to have had high calibre facilitators who are masters in their respective fields. The course topics were diverse.

The subtleties of pronunciation and rules of recitation of the Quran was brought out by Sh. Ihsaan Davids ,  Ml Saleem Gaibie and Sh. Zabalawiy . This was invaluable tuition for teachers  and made them realise that upskilling in recitation is for themselves important besides their learners . As result teachers have approached MTM after the course to have more recitation classes and we willingly obliged.

The teaching approach to  Aqeedah ,by Ml Kamalie and Fiqh by Sh.Shameeg Khatari for youngsters brought more insights and skills to teachers . Mr Hasanain from Awqaf SA and Mr Ebrahim ismail gave  very informative presentations on the continuing role of technology and the 4th industrial revolution and the need for madrasah teachers and leaders to be informed as to the positive and negative impact these have on madaris. We are in an age where information technology is easily accessible to everybody , youth especially and it is overwhelming the traditional teaching methods in educational institutes and madaris.

Sh.Sadullah Khan’s presentation was outstanding on the who for, what for and why  of preparing your lessons.

The classroom and lesson prep tips by Mr Redwaan Williams , principal of Portland High school was invaluable. He contended that classrooms must be not be static but alive with activity and interaction.

The psychology of youth and handling your learners was well explained by Sr Lemeez Gasant.

Mr Farid Sayed , editor of Muslim Views emphasised the role media can play in uplifting madaris and the importance of putting your organisation out there in creative ways by using radio, newspapers etc.

Mr Faheem Jackson brought some Arabic calligraphy art to the course which was thoroughly enjoyed by teachers and many of them implementing them in the classes realising the aesthetic and therapeutic value of the arts for the learners.

Principal of MTM , Sh Abduragmaan May brought the attention of teachers to the importance of effective fundraising and running of madaris.

Mr Ebrahim Rhoda and Mr Shafiq Morton brought local knowledge and tearful emotions on the History of Cape Muslims , their pains of exile and the slavery and bravery of  our pious predecessors in the Cape . Many realised that we need to know and our youth need to know where we came from to know where we are going. Their narratives and presentations inspired teachers to implement in their curricula some local muslim history.

Sr Magboeba Davids gave a most enjoyable presentation of the sacredness of the womb and being a Muslim female. She highlighted the crises in our communities of teen pregnancies, abortions , hiv etc amongst muslim girls and gave insightful approaches to raising awareness amongst our young females.

This course brought out the need for madaris to reach out to youth at schools in order  to bring religious values in the mainstream, to better plan lessons which are relevant to young teenage learners, to correct articulation in reciting the Quraan, role playing of teachers and to empathise with youth, to keep up to date with technological developments and proper utilising of media to advance the goal of raising standards in madrasah education. Now it is for teachers to implement some of these ideas and tips .

All in all great friendships with forged with everybody enjoying the daily delicious breakfast breaks. Finally all madrasah teachers expressed their desire to have another similar course because of its comprehensive content and approach.








  1. Aslm…wanted to know if there will be another madrasah teachers training course in 2020 and if there are any costs involved.Waiting on response
    Maryam Gabriels

  2. Aslm .What a good initiative there is a real need for this workshops especially with students finishing degrees in Islamic studies and not knowing where to go after will be apreciated if it could broaden out to southern suburb areas aswell or even be introduced to students finishing their studies at IPSA .

  3. Salam alaeykun sir,
    I am Salman Ibrahim Abioye from Lagos Nageria, founder of Mosque and Madrasah project foundation is an NGO that assisting Madrasah and Mosque in Nigeria. We like to replicate some of your Madrasah development programs here in Nigeria. And any other programs you may have. Jazakumllah khaera

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